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The service team of Beijing Zhongtian is consisted of experienced experts focusing on Japanese, Germany and American cranes for decades. We have successfully fulfilled hundreds of service projects in China or abroad, independent or co-operated with Kobelco engineers. All of our service specialist have accomplished the training in Kobelco Cranes in Japan and got the certification of Kobelco cranes.

To provide the best service to the customer, our technical specialist will take part in the service training given by the manufacturers periodically to improve the professional skill. With our constant efforts under the philosophy "Customer is Always the First Priority”, our customers give us the highest praises.

Under the support of Kobelco Cranes, our company successfully hold the “First KOBELCO Customer Training” in December 2016. The training enhanced the safety concept of Kobelco crane and improved the operation and maintenance skills of the customers.

With the experience of the “First KOBELCO Customer Training”, we are planning the next higher level training for Kobelco Crawler Cranes in the near future.

First KOBELCO Customer Training